Tuesday 23 November 2010

The Week In View...VI

The Apprentice: So, the girl with the BIG eyes has gone. Sandeesh Samra finally got the royal finger from Lord Sugar after failing miserably as team leader. This week we got to see how the candidates could cope with making and selling a movie experience to shoppers in the largest shopping mall in England. Her efforts kicked off with an unforgivable hour’s delay in starting and in a strange switch the team members trained on the DVD making were moved to sales. Bad planning, the one hour opening delay and bringing the wrong two team members into the boardroom for the final showdown probably cost her a place in the next round. The other team were led by the dreadful Stuart Baggs (the brand) whose management style was truly appalling. This guy has surely got to be the next to go. This arrogant loudmouth needed to 'reign in his masculinity' when driving on the racetrack and for some strange reason he seems to think he's got what it takes (yea right). His snide little comment on his team winning the task and getting a wine tasting session as a treat (‘We will keep some on ice for you guys’) showed his immaturity and lack of respect. This sort of thing does not go unoticed by the sweet Lord who will not have been too impressed. We wait for the next task to see if Stuart Baggs (the brand) can survive another week.

X Factor: Unbelievable! Truly unbelievable. I think that my cat can sing better than Wagner with a V. How this strange and untalented singer can keep getting the votes is unforgivable. Perhaps voters want him to win just to see if Simon Cowell will go through with it and offer a recording contract to this tone deaf Brazilian nut case. This week we saw Paije Richardson go home. I mean, that can't be right can it? At least Paije can sing which is more than the Brazil nut can do. And Paije certainly isn't as creepy as Wagner with a V. Come on now, stop this organised Internet voting nonsense and get this rubbish off the show. Also, I don't remember Hippy Hippy Shake being a hit for The Beatles either, I believe it was the Swinging Blue Jeans that had chart success with that little number (showing my age here). Either way, let's hang Wagner with a V up from his blue jeans and GET HIM OUT!

Strictly Come Dancing: And yet another talentless plank of wood goes through, this just doesn't make any sense at all. What is going on out there? The awful and inelegant Anne Widdicombe plods through to the next round again and this week it's at the expense of the delightful and classy Felicity Kendal. Poor Anton du Beke has to carry Widdy around the dancefloor like a sackful of spuds and that's good enough for people to vote for is it? Gimme a break, I think Ms Widdicombe needs to take a good long, hard look at herself and see what she's doing by staying in the competition. There are other much better dancers who are having to leave each week when everyone knows it's a joke vote that's keeping Widdy in. Something tells me the rules might change next year for both X Factor and Strictly.  

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