Sunday 7 November 2010

The Week In View...V

Spooks: Oh, this program just gets better every week. Edge of your seat stuff with so many twists and turns. This Monday night's episode is the last in the current series and I haven't got a clue how it will end. If you leave your seat for a few minutes you will lose the thread completely, it's gripping stuff and must see television. The BBC does this sort of drama series so well, hopefully another series of Spooks will be on the way soon.

The Apprentice: Oh good, the devious, scheming and conniving Paloma got the Lord Sugar finger this week and was fired. It was clear that with her as PM that should her team lose she had a plan B to make sure that a scapegoat was in place. Poor Alex was being lined up as the fall guy in Paloma's grand design. She nearly got away with it except that she just couldn't keep her mouth shut in the one place it really mattered - the boardroom. She begged the sweet Lord for one final word and finally sealed her own fate. "Keep digging, keep digging" I was yelling at the TV set as poor Paloma dug her own grave and promptly fell right into it. She showed what sort of person she really was in those final few moments and Lord Sugar pointed his finger in the right direction. Yeees, result! I can't wait to see who will be next week's villain.

Strictly Come Dancing/X Factor: Unbelievable! This is getting beyond a joke now. Enough is enough, who are the daft people voting for Anne Widdicombe in Strictly and Wagner in X Factor? Clearly tactical voting is taking place on a grand scale and it's disgraceful. Both programmes are now being seriously undermined by having these two people continue at the expense of far more talented contestants. We all know that Anne can't dance and Wagner can't sing...don't we? I do feel sorry for Jimi Mistry who left Strictly and Treyc Cohen (great singer by the way) who left X Factor this week whilst Anne and Wagner continue on. The organised voting tactic that some groups of the public are adopting devalues both shows immensly.

As for X Factor, the two stand out artists by far are Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle. Matt's performance of the Roberta Flack classic 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' was simply superb, brilliant and breathtaking. How does he hit those high notes? 

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