Tuesday 20 April 2021

ESL - A bad idea, a really bad idea

European Super League created to 'save football' - Real Madrid president Florentino Perez

So the ESL was created to save football. Well I never realised that so gee thanks for saving our national game Mr Perez, you utter knobhead!

This is what happens when you let super rich foreigners buy our top football clubs. Over 100 years of English football history and tradition being potentially wiped out so that the owners of a few money grabbing rich clubs can become even richer.

Interesting to note that there are no French or German clubs in this so called ‘European’ Super League. German football clubs actually have the right idea with fans having a controlling interest in how their clubs are managed and run. It’s a model that has been successful in Germany and could possibly work elsewhere.

Nobody who cares about football wants this European Super League cartel, apart from some heavily debt laden Spanish and Italian clubs and the obscenely rich owners of six English football clubs. The oligarchs, sheikhs and franchise obsessed Americans of this world care nothing about English football, its traditions or its fans. All they care about is lining their own pockets.
There’s way too much money in the upper echelons of English football and very little in the lower leagues, that imbalance needs to be addressed. This ESL proposal won’t fix it but it will certainly change things - by making the precarious situation of lower league clubs even worse!

I'm sure that most fans of 'The Greedy Six' are not in favour of their team joining an exclusive European super league with the possible risk of having to exit the Premier League. The proposal is to play ESL matches every Wednesday evening which is not the most attractive fixture day for those many fans who have to work for a living. Mid-week away trips to the continent are expensive and difficult in the midst of a pandemic. Most fans will be trying desperately to hold on to their jobs in the current Covid climate so how will they be able to take the time off work to follow their team abroad, or even at home for that matter? It's absolute madness but hey, do the club owners really care?

This proposed ESL is a bad idea and a shameful disgrace, don’t let this happen. It's time for fans to reclaim the game that belongs to them.

Rant over. 

See the news item on the BBC sport website here.