Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Eternally Hungry Cat...

Did you ever see Finding Nemo? Remember Dory the fish that suffered from short term memory loss? Well, I've got a cat that suffers from the same sad affliction. I feed him a big bowl of Whiskas, he scoffs it all down in seconds flat and then toddles off for a little sleep somewhere. Thirty minutes later he's back, meowing like crazy and demanding to be fed. I tell him that he's already had his dinner and ask why he doesn't remember eating it, he looks up at me in total amazement as if I'm talking utter jibberrish. The daft cat has forgotten that he's already been fed. Mind you, I'm not too sure who's got the problem here - the cat with his short term memory loss or me for holding a conversation with a cat and expecting an answer.

That darned cat

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