Tuesday 26 October 2010

The Week In View...III

X-Factor: Honestly, the viewing public have no taste. How could Treyc Cohen and John end up in the bottom two? I think the people who are voting for Wagner are the same daft people that are keeping Ann Widicombe in Strictly Come Dancing. It seems to me that at least one of these contestants has the Jedward Factor rather than the X-Factor. We're still rooting for Matt Cardle but the competition is tough. Given the public vote this week I doubt if Treyc will get to the final, she should go farther but probably won't. The rapidly improving boy band One Direction and especially Rebecca stand a real chance of going all the way. Who should go next? Please, please, please give Wagner the boot. The long haired former PE instructor with the dreadful voice has to get voted off next week... doesn't he?

The Apprentice: I just love this telly programme. It makes me cringe when when we see the way that some of these prospective candidates behave. This week we saw the teams having to bake bread and muffins and then sell them to restaurants and hotels. The delightfully named Shibby Robatti was team leader this week, and boy did he make a right royal mess of it. Without bothering to check what production capacity his team mates had back at the bakery he was promising the Earth. A hotel chef who was expecting 1,000 breakfast rolls got a delivery of just 16 but hey, Shibby made it okay by giving the chef £130 compensation. It's true to say that the morose and workshy Sandeesh didn't help his cause and Paloma had the knives out early. The other team were led by the inept Melissa, who only won because two of her team mates (Alex and Christopher) got her out of the big hole she was digging for herself. The industrious, hardworking and precision like Christopher gave a highly organised and workmanlike display in the bakery and Alex was clearly more numerate than Melissa when it came to the costings. Melissa seemed to think that £1.86 a roll was a reasonable sell price. Alex saved the day by proposing a far more realistic figure and was quick to point out to Melissa that he has seven (yes folks, seven) A* exams  to his name. In the end though it was Shibby who was fired and not hired although Melissa can thank her team for keeping her out of the boardroom. Bring it on next week, we just can't wait.

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