Friday 22 October 2010

The week in view...II

X Factor: Thank goodness the man with pink hair has gone. Storm didn't exactly go down...a storm. I guess you either loved him or hated him, and I didn't love him. As for Diva Fever they were all glam, glitz and Max Factor. Entertaining up to a point but were they great singers who had the X factor? Let's be honest here, they had to go.

I was worried for the future of the music industry but hey, now there's Wagner to keep us all entertained. Can you believe that people actually voted for him, I mean they spent their money and made the phone call. Err, why? I somehow think he may just be the next to go (please). Now what was Aiden doing trying to sing a John Lennon song? Jealous Guy was not the right song choice and the arrangement just didn't work. My opinion? Leave well alone, only Lennon can do Lennon. We love Mary's voice but is she cool enough to win? I'm afraid image is everything these days and so the best voice doesn't always win these talent competitions. As for Cher, give me a break. Okay, she's young, hip, cool and got the right image (or so I'm told) but I think this young lady might need a bit more than that to get to the final of this competition.

Boy bands always do well because all the young teenies vote for them so One Direction could go far and Rebecca is also a definite to get further along in this competition. Treyc Cohen is the one with the big voice, the one who can belt out the power songs. If I wanted to waste my money she would probably get my vote (so that's the kiss of death for her then). Matt Cardle is the other act who really stands out and has a chance of winning but a lot will depend upon his song choices.We need to find out if he is versatile and comfortable enough when singing other genres of music. We shall see in the coming weeks.

Of course X Factor is still a load of old tosh, but us Brits love it and it's somehow addictive old tosh. I guess it's better than watching New Faces or Hughie Green on Opportunity Knocks...isn't it?

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