Sunday 10 October 2010

The week in view...I

X Factor: Storm Lee? You've got to be kidding me right? I don't trust any man who has pink hair. And I'm not too sure about Diva Fever either. As for Wagner, let's not go there. There's Krazy Katie, Nasty Nicolo and Marvellous Mary. Have to say that Matt Cardle and Treyc Cohen get our votes at this early stage. What a load of old tosh, but somehow very watchable.
The Apprentice: Yes, it's back. We met all the players for the first time and already we've seen a couple of contestants that we are going to love to hate. The boys team leader was the truly obnoxious, dictatorial and thugish Dan Harris who deservedly got the boot this week. A sales director who can't sell, brilliant eh? This lazy, loud mouthed, arrogant team leader had no man management skills whatsoever and would have been more at home shouting his mouth off in a boxing ring. This weeks task was the making and selling of sausages which proved to be a real hoot. Do watch out for Melissa Cohen (the scary blond) and Stuart Baggs (the 'brand') as they look set to be the stars of this years batch. I can't wait for next weeks episode.
Spooks: Without doubt the best thing on TV at the moment. This weeks episode was as gripping as ever. If you've not seen it yet then give it a go. Terrific entertainment.

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