Tuesday 19 July 2011

Good Lord, Tom's A Winner!

Lord Sugar & winner Tom Pellereau
So good guys do sometimes win then. In the Final of Sunday night's The Apprentice it was gentleman Tom Pellereau who beat clever Helen, smarmy Jim and elegant Susie to win the top prize of a £250,000 business partnership with Lord Sugar. Well deserved I say. Highlight of the programme? Oh that's easy, when Jim was asked to say something about himself that was not a cliche the Irishman's bright response was "I am what it says on the tin". Jeez, no wonder he didn't win. Tom's intelligence, polite manner, eccentric ideas and innovation are what saw him to victory. That and his charming habit of raising his arm like a schoolboy in class when he wanted to say something, just don't ask him what part of England Christopher Columbus came from.

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