Friday 29 July 2011

Dick's Bar at the Amex

I decided that it was time for the darling wife to see what all the fuss is about at the Amex so yesterday we took a drive over to Falmer so she could view the stadium for herself and see what I'm getting for my season ticket money. Whilst there we paid a visit to the newly opened Dick's Bar. Named after former chairman, and now life president, Dick Knight it offers an enjoyable and pleasant drinking and eating experience. The menu on offer was varied and reasonably priced with a good choice of decent beers. Their were lots of wall mounted TV screens to keep up to date with Sky Sports News and the seating was very comfortable.

It was great to see Dick himself sitting in there enjoying a sandwich and also see other Albion 'faces' like Martin Perry, Richard Hebbard and Paul Camilin in there as well. It just made us realise that the people that run our club do not sit in ivory towers, are in touch at 'ground level' and not afraid to mix and chat with us 'ordinary' fans (and not a prawn sandwich in sight). So well done to them for being there and actually using the facilty. The whole ambience of the place is wonderful, a relaxed atmosphere with well presented and attentive bar staff.

The decor is superb with Albion Legends etched into a large glass window. It was also terrific to see the magnificent Albion Fans Mosaic mounted on the far wall. This is a huge mosaic made up of thousands of photo's submitted by Brighton fans. I eventually found my ten photos after a fifteen minute hunt! 

I finally found me on the back of Wardy's shirt
The magnificent giant Albion Fans Mosaic
I understand that the bar is open to the public on non-match days between 8am-7pm and open to Albion ticket holders only from 1pm on matchdays, closing two hours after the final whistle. Be warned though, the capacity is limited to 200 people so do get there early on match days. The bar is located under the North Stand and entry is via a grey signed door between the club shop and the North side reception entrance to the right of the shop. If the grey door is closed just wander up through the North side reception area and up the first flight of stairs. It's well worth a visit.

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