Sunday 21 March 2021

On the turntable today...Lennon

It’s a 70's Sunday lockdown...on the turntable today we have Imagine by John Lennon. Released in September 1971 it is considered one of Lennon’s finest albums.

The songs reflect peace, love, politics and bitterness. Gentle love songs such as Imagine, Jealous Guy and Oh My Love are mixed with heavier and more politically stronger tracks such as the angry Gimme Some Truth and I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier. The biting How Do You Sleep is an astonishing personal attack on his former writing partner Paul McCartney which doesn’t always sit comfortably with the listener despite being one the albums strongest songs.

The title track has since become John Lennon’s signature tune. Imagine, along with George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, is without doubt one of the best Beatle solo albums of all time. It set a musical quality benchmark that even Lennon himself found hard to improve upon.

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