Monday 21 December 2020

Coronavirus Support Bubbles

For those of you wondering about coronavirus support bubbles for older or vulnerable people living on their own this Christmas then follow the Age UK link below.

Anyone who lives alone can form a support bubble with another household or another person living on their own. However, having formed their bubble they are not allowed to form or enter any other support bubbles at the same time. 

A support bubble is not limited to just Christmas Day, it lasts for as long as you want it to and works in any government tier at any time. 

Support bubbles are effectively treated as one household and those in the bubble must follow the tier rules for the area in which they live. At the time of writing West Sussex is currently in government tier 4 but standby for a probable full national lockdown after Christmas.

If a person you know is living alone, this Christmas or anytime, then a support bubble can be a great help in the struggle against loneliness and isolation. The link below will help clarify the rules relating to coronavirus support bubbles.

There’s also more government info here

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