Thursday 3 July 2014

Jacko Hooper - Just For You

JACKO HOOPER - For You EP Launch
The Brunswick, Hove
Wednesday 2nd July 2014

It's the night after the night before and I'm just looking back on a really enjoyable gig at The Brunswick in Hove where Jacko Hooper was launching his new EP titled, rather invitingly, 'For You'. It was great to see a packed room who gave the Brighton troubadour a rousing welcome as he took quietly to the stage. 

Jacko's gentle and somewhat modest personality shone through and he seemed genuinely humbled and embarrassed at the warm reception and loud applause that greeted him at the end of each song. Amongst the many stand out performances were Borderline, which was a debut duet with Tom Staniford, Faces Blue (inspired by a poem written by a much younger Jacko) which he dedicated to his dad and Too Far To Sea, all proved to be popular song choices with an enthusiastic audience. We also heard the four new songs from his newly released EP which were also very well received; Egg Shells, November 5th Song, Run Away With Me and the penultimate song of his set Roaming. The final song of the evening, and for me one of his best, was Common Sense which was played unplugged. It was a touching and moving end to his EP launch show. There's a very good review of this gig on Tom Charles Sayer's blog, follow this link.

Do try and get a listen to Egg Shells from the new EP, it's possibly his most accessible tune to date and a good introduction to the man and his music. You can see the video on You Tube here. I guess I would describe his songwriting and performance as intense, introspective, vulnerable, open and honest and at times highly emotional. You won't be dancing in the aisles but you will be listening, this is no bad thing.

Also a special word here for the two support acts, Ellie Ford and Staniford who were both excellent, it may well be worth investigating their music output further. Ellie, with her ethereal vocals and accompanying herself expertly on guitar and harp (how wonderful to see this instrument in the context of a more modern, contemporary setting) was a very pleasant way to open the evening. 

Tom Staniford's songwriting skills were there for all to hear, especially on his last unplugged acoustic number, This Time Around, which was very moving and I thought the best song of his all too brief set. Although struggling with a cold and a somewhat dodgy piano that seemed to have the odd key out of tune, he produced a strong set that was hugely enjoyable. I wasn't familiar with Tom Stanifords work but the three numbers I heard on piano and six on guitar proved to be a real bonus on what was a hugely enjoyable evening.

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