Tuesday 28 August 2012

Let Them Eat Cake On Coach 1

NWSS Coach 1 Introduce A Grub Stop:

I hear that the North West Sussex Seagulls Coach 1 (aka Andy's coach) had a 'cake stop' on it's way to the Amex last Saturday for the Barnsley match. That will explain why it was so far behind the newly re-branded and super-fast Usain Bolt like Coach 2 in arriving at the Amex coach park. I suspect this cake stop was a bribery campaign to try and attract some of the Coach 2 passengers to move across to Coach 1, this is doomed to failure as the Coach 2 posse are all, like me, slim and elfin like, fit as fiddles and are constantly watching their waistlines. It seems like the extra weight from these cakes only succeeded in slowing down Coach 1's arrival at the Amex. There was however one main benefit of this cake stop as the proceeds all went to a cancer charity which was no bad thing, even if it did make all the passengers on Coach 1 that much fatter.

Now me and my coach buddy Ian help look after the far superior Coach 2 and it's true that we do not have picnic tables like the other much slower coach and we don't take the scenic route over Devils Dyke nor do we have regular cake stops I'm afraid but we were the first coach to park up at the Amex coach park last Saturday. I would like it to be known that from this point on our passengers on Coach 2 are formally invited to bring along prawn sandwiches, cakes and biscuits to share on board with their coach buddies if they so desire. We really don't have time for 'cake stops' on board Mister Speedy.

I look forward to seeing all my NWSS buddies on 14th September for the Friday evening home game against Sheffield Wednesday. Coach 1 is perhaps best advised to start it's journey on Thursday if it intends to do a weekly shop at Tesco's for all it's passengers on the way down to the Amex!

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