Friday 11 November 2011

The Theatre Of Screams?

England under 19's International
Amex Stadium, Thursday 10th November
England 1, Denmark 0

Well, it was quite an experience looking after a coach load of enthusiastic and very excited young football fans for last night's England under 19's match at the Amex. We packed the NWSS flags along with a few parents and lots of kids into our two coaches as we made our way to the first ever international to be held at the Amex Stadium, which is now fondly known as our theatre of screams after all the shouting and hollering from the footie mad youngsters. I ask you, how's a man supposed to get any sleep in row B of the west stand upper with all that racket going on for goodness sake.

Highlight of the evening? Well, it wasn't the half time streaker where coincidentally everyone suddenly seemed to have a mobile phone camera in their hand at just the right (or wrong) time! However, we did experience our first ever Mexican wave at the Amex, right on kids. A decent match with a classy England goal late on to give the England youngsters a 1-0 victory. We all went home happy. After negotiating the coach park a headcount took place just before the home bound coach trip which was a nightmare as some of the lovely little blighters took great delight in hiding under their seats, God bless 'em all. A really enjoyable trip and hopefully the first of many 'specials' that the NWSS supporters club will hold in the future. I've now managed to see a match at the Amex on every day of the week and it's not even December, that's got to be a first hasn't it?

Photo's of the NWSS flags can be found on the North West Sussex Seagulls Facebook page here.

The NWSS Flag makes it's debut in the West Stand Upper

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