Saturday 3 September 2011

Help Save Plymouth Argyle!

Albion fans are declaring that it's to be a Fans Re-United day at Plymouth Argyle on Saturday 24th September. Remember the support Albion needed, and got, from other fans at clubs from all over the UK on our own Fans United day? Well now it's time to repay the favour. Argyle are in real danger of going into liquidation and out of business within the next few weeks, the club and its fans need all the help and support they can get at the moment. It's not easy being Green right now. Find out more about Plymouth Argyle's struggle to survive here.

Brighton supporters are trying to get fans from other clubs involved to see if they can organise this event in support of Plymouth Argyle and it's fans. Why not consider joining others for a day out in Plymouth and at the same time show some solidarity with the Green Army fans. As an Albion follower you will be given a warm welcome and you will be seeing teams from Brighton, Liverpool FC, Leeds Utd, Crystal Palace, Plymouth Argyle and Macclesfield all in the space of seven days - quite a prospect.

There is a Facebook page for 'Fans Re-United' here and BHA Blues Away are organising coaches to Plymouth departing at 7.00am from Withdean at a cost of £23 per person. If you want to book a seat on the coach then send an email to or go to the 'Fans Re-United Travel' web page here. Match tickets at Plymouth Argyle can be purchased at the gate on the day and cost £20 for adults and £7 for under 18's. You can find out more info here on North Stand Chat or at PASOTI, the Pilgrims fans forum here.

Go Green
Albion fans are also being urged to 'Go Green' for the televised evening home game against Leeds United on Friday 23rd September by wearing green and white to show support for Plymouth Argyle's plight. There is even talk of the Fans Re-United event possibly being spread over three separate dates. The first on 24th September followed by Crawley Town vs Argyle on 1st October and a final big event on 8th October as Plymouth take on Acrington Stanley. This final date just happens to coincide with Argyle's 125th anniversary so it could be perfect timing. There are no Premiership or Championship fixtures on 8th October so it is possible that the culmination of Argyle's Fans Re-United event could see hundreds of fans from all over the country flocking to Home Park, Plymouth.

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